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Drawbar Clamping Force Gage


CNC Machines using pull-studs for tool retention experience a slow but progressive loss of tool holding pressure from the time the machine is new. This little known fact has a major impact on surface finishes, cutting tool life, and on your productivity. Testing a drawbar requires a force gage which simulates a tool being held in the spindle. The Clamprite Gage uses a common tool holder as the interface between the gage and machine spindle, eliminating the need for a high-priced precision adapter for each different spindle size (only HSK-type spindles require an adapter).

The Clamprite Gage was designed for accurate spindle tension testing right on the machine. The actual pressure exerted by the spindle drawbar mechanism is read directly on the dial, so there is never a need for any calculations or conversions. Drawbar force checking is made easy using the Clamprite drawbar force gage. Drawbar testing takes less than one minute, so production time is barely affected. Its simple and rugged design requires no batteries, electrical cords or delicate electronic components to pre-set, calibrate or burn out.

Prevent Unscheduled Maintenance! Increase Cutter Life! Protect Your Spindles!
Accuracy Traceable to NISTSuitable for ISO 9000 Shops!
PSI lbs Taper Adapter Included Part Number Kit Price
3,000 Lb. BT 30 taper CR-CG3K30B
BT 40 taper CR-CG3K40B
CAT 40 taper CR-CG3K40C
5,000 Lb. BT 40 taper CR-CG5K40B
CAT 40 taper CR-CG5K40C
BT 50 taper CR-CG5K50B
CAT 50 taper CR-CG5K50C
CAT or BT 40 & 50 CR-CG5K40/50
10,000 Lb. BT 50 taper CR-CG10K50B*
CAT 50 taper CR-CG10K50C*
Clamprite Spindle Adapters
Description Part Number Price
ISO 20 Spindle Adapter CA20I
BT 30 Spindle Adapter CA30B
BT 35 Spindle Adapter CA35B
BT 40 Spindle Adapter CA40B
CAT 40 Spindle Adapter CA40C
BT 45 Spindle Adapter CA45B
CAT 45 Spindle Adapter CA45C
BT 50 Spindle Adapter CA50B
CAT 50 Spindle Adapter CA50C
CAT 60 Spindle Adapter CA60C
CAPTO 3 Spindle Adapter CAPTO 03
CAPTO 4 Spindle Adapter CAPTO 04
CAPTO 5 Spindle Adapter CAPTO 05
CAPTO 6 Spindle Adapter CAPTO 06
CAPTO 8 Spindle Adapter CAPTO 08
KV 4540 Spindle Adapter KV 4540
KV 5045 Spindle Adapter KV 5045
KM 63 Spindle Adapter KM 63
NC5-63 Spindle Adapter NC5-63
Clamprite HSK Spindle Adapters

HSK spindles must maintain factory specified drawbar force to properly seat the arbors. Test HSK spindles frequently!
Our product sheet only shows the E and A size adapters. Call for information if you have the F or other size adapter and we will tell you which of our part numbers corresponds to your adapter. For example, the HSK F size spindle can be tested with the next size larger adapter in type A configuration. Most of Clamprite's spindle adapters are listed in the type A configuration.
If you have already purchased a gage kit with the universal gage head you can simply add the HSK adapters you need. If you only have HSK spindles you will need to order the appropriate gage head as shown below.
HSK spindle data can be confusing. If you want to end the confusion and learn the whole story, order our HSK Handbook.
Description Part Number Price
Size E-25 Adapter CHSK E25
Size E-32 Adapter CHSK E32
Size A-40 Adapter CHSK A40
Size A-50 Adapter CHSK A50
Size A-63 Adapter CHSK A63
Size A-80 Adapter CHSK A80
Size A-100 Adapter CHSK A100
Size A-125 Adapter CHSK A125
Clamprite Gage Head only for HSK Adapters
Description Part Number Price
CG5K Gage Head for HSK E-25 to A-63 Adapter & Others CG5KGageHead
CG10K Gage Head for HSK A-80 to A-100 Adapter & Others CG10KGageHead
CG15K Gage Head for HSK A-125 Adapter & Others CG15KGageHead