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Precision Expanding Mini-Collets

Machinable to .062”
For 5C, 16C, 2J & 3J Collet Chucks
Tapered Stem
Why Use Our Precision Expanding Mini-Collets?
  • Low Cost- Replacement collets keeps future costs to a minimum when you replace only the machinable collet.
  • Rigid Design- Long taper fit increases rigidity, allowing for heavier cuts.
  • Interchangable- Adaptor sleeves allow you to use the same expanding collet in different spindle sizes.
  • Precise- Concentricity of .0002 T.I.R. and lengths of ± .0002 obtainable for parts with closely held bores. Reassembly concentricity is excellent.
  • Miniature Work Holding- Mini Collets can grip bores down to 1/16” for light cuts.
  • Made in USA!
How to use the Mini Collet System:
  1. Mini Collet set up requires five parts:
    (A) Mini Collet (B) Mini Master (C) Sleeve (D) Rod Assembly (E) RV-572 Expanding Screw
  2. Clean taper of Mini Master and inside taper of Sleeve and install Mini Master securely into Sleeve.
  3. Install Rod Assembly into the Sleeve and let it project into the Mini Master.
  4. Insert Expanding Screw through front of Mini Master into the Rod Assembly. Hand tighten only.
  5. Loosen Lock Nut and adjust Collet Nut so Rod Assembly will travel about 1/8” to 3/16”.
  6. Tighten Lock Nut and then lightly tighten Expanding Screw.
  7. Slide Mini Collet over the Mini Master and rotate until the slots line up. Screw on the Locking Collar and tighten.
  8. Insert the assembly into machine. Adjust the collet closer until Mini Collet expands slightly and machine to desired diameter.
  • Miniature workholding in 5C, 2J, 3J and 16C spindle sizes.
  • Holds 3/8” to 1/16” diameter bores.
  • Machinable to .062”
Mini Collet Assembly Consists Of:
1-Mini Master
1-Expanding Screw
1-Mini Collet
1-Rod Assembly

Part Number Price Each
Dia Length Part Number Price Each
7/16” 1/4” RV-505
7/16” 9/16” RV-506
7/16” 3/4” RV-507
Part Number Price Each
Spindle Part Number Price Each
5C RV-590
16C RV-591
2J RV-592
3J RV-593
Spindle Part Number Price Each
5C RV-583
16C RV-584
2J RV-585
3J RV-585-3