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Rotary Broach Holders

Rotary/Punch Broaches can be used in a variety of machines to cut polygons in blind holes:Any type of CNC or manual turning,milling,drilling or screw machine. The practical forming length of rotary/punch broaching is usually up to 1-1/2 times the size of the broach (measured across flats).
Rotary Broach Holders:For optimal tool life in large production settings these broaches are used in Rotary Broach Holders.Holders and broaches are sold separately and available from stock for immediate delivery.These holders are for use on any type CNC or manual turning,milling,drilling or screw machine.The holder has an internal live spindle,which holds the end cutting broach tool.The centerline of the cutting tool is offset at 1 °from the centerline of the work piece.This causes the broach to wobble creating a shearing effect as the broach is advanced into the work piece or vise versa as described below:
Broaching A Rotating Work Piece:In a turning or screw machine,the holder is mounted stationary while its internal live spindle and the broach rotates after contact with the rotating work piece (Diagram A).At the appropriate feed,the work piece is “sheared ” by the pressure of the broach through a wobbling type action producing the polygon shape desired.
Broaching A Stationary Work Piece:In a milling or drilling machine,the holder is mounted into and rotates with the machine spindle while its internal live spindle along with the broach remains stationary upon contact with the stationary work piece (Diagram B).While the machine spindle is rotating,the broach ’s pressure shears the polygon shape into the work piece (wobbling type action).
Punching Versus Rotary Broaching:Many applications can be achieved without the rotary broach holder.For the purpose of merely punching a polygon into an existing pilot hole,these broaches have successfully been used with universal machining methods.
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OAL Shank
Shank Depth
Part Number
For Broaches With .315 diameter shanks
3-27/64 5/8” 1-1/2” 9/16 HS-P67040
3-59/64 3/4” 2” 9/16 HS-P67048S
For Broaches With .500 diameter shanks
4-17/32 3/4” 2” .742 HS-P67048S
1” 2” .742 HS-P67064
5-17/32 1-1/4” 3” .742 HS-P67068
1-1/2” 3” .742 HS-P67072
For Broaches With .750 diameter shanks
7-9/16 1-1/2” 3” 1.250 HS-P67072HDS
1-3/4” 3” 1.250 HS-P67076HS