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CAT 50 DA Series Collet Chucks

  • Kingston: Balanced to 15,000 RPM @ g6.3
  • Spin Tru: Balanced to 20,000 RPM @ g2.5
  • Manufactured to ISO9002 quality control standards
  • Each holder balanced on a HAIMER Balancing machine and includes certificate of individual inspection and balancing
  • Accuracy: 0.0002" TIR or better
  • Taper cone circularity per AT3 specifications .00006" or better
  • H5 bore tolerance for optimum surface contact with cutting tool
  • Thru-tool coolant feature is standard
  • Includes collet nut
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C Proj. B Nut Dia. Nut Tight. Torque (ft.lbs.) Brand Part Number MAX RPM Balanced Up to Collet Nut Wrench Code
DA 100 DA100 Collet Series-.062 - 0.562 (1.587mm - 14.287mm)
3.00 - - Kingston C50-10DA300-K
15,000G6.3 CN-DA100-K WR-DA100-K F
3.00 - - Spin Tru C50-10DA300-KB
15,000G2.5 CN-DA100-K WR-DA100-K D
6.00 - - Kingston C50-10DA600-K
15,000G6.3 CN-DA100-K WR-DA100-K F
6.00 - - Spin Tru C50-10DA600-KB
15,000G2.5 CN-DA100-K WR-DA100-K D
DA 180 DA180 Collet Series-.031 - 0.750 (.800mm - 19mm)
3.00 - - Kingston C50-18DA300-K
15,000G6.3 CN-DA180-K WR-DA180-K F
3.00 - - Spin Tru C50-18DA300-KB
15,000G2.5 CN-DA180-K WR-DA180-K D
6.00 - - Kingston C50-18DA600-K
15,000G6.3 CN-DA180-K WR-DA180-K F
6.00 - - Spin Tru C50-18DA600-KB
15,000G2.5 CN-DA180-K WR-DA180-K D