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Dyna-Force Clamps

The majority of the Dyna-Force Clamp is below the surface of the fixture which provides excellent clamp support and makes for a very low profile. The clamp jaw, which is relief cut for maximum contact with the workpiece, slides on an angle for positive downforce. Clamp jaw is available with smooth or serrated faces.
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A* B C D E F Min.
Clamp Travel Drive Screw Key Size Clamp Jaw & Hardiness Part Number
20.00 24.90 19.00 19.90 4.50 13.50 3.25 5.00 6.75 2.0 6mm 5mm Smooth 34RC MITEE-28314
Serrated 44RC MITEE-28318
25.00 29.90 24.00 24.90 5.00 15.00 4.50 6.50 8.35 2.2 8mm 6mm Smooth 34RC MITEE-28320
Serrated 44RC MITEE-28322
30.00 37.90 29.00 29.90 7.00 20.00 4.50 7.50 10.75 3.8 10mm 8mm Smooth 34RC MITEE-28324
Serrated 44RC MITEE-28328
* ”A” is body diameter †Smooth jaw only will have relief cut.