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Machinable Uniforce Clamps

Now you can hold those round and unusual shape parts with ease. This compact method of workholding will allow more parts per load at a lower price than vise soft jaws. This compact Uniforce Clamp is available with extra material on the clamping jaws so it can be machined to conform to the shape of your workpiece. A unique locking plate is provided to make the clamp rigid while machining the jaws to your specifications, without vibration.
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Description A* B C D E F† G H** I Part Number
Clamp Assembly W/Plate 1.125 .50 .62 .420 .25 .18 .400 2-56 8-32 MITEE-60050
Clamp Assembly, W/Out Plate MITEE-60055
Clamp Assembly W/Plate 1.50 .75 .94 .632 .37 .26 .625 6-32 1/4-20 MITEE-60075
Clamp Assembly, W/Out Plate MITEE-60080
Clamp Assembly W/Plate 2.00 1.0 1.25 .820 .50 .39 .812 6-32 5/16-18 MITEE-60100
Clamp Assembly, W/Out Plate MITEE-60105
Clamp Assembly W/Plate 3.00 1.5 1.87 1.215 .75 .62 1.20 10-32 1/2-13 MITEE-60150
Clamp Assembly, W/Out Plate MITEE-60153
Clamp Assembly W/Plate 4.00 2.0 2.5 1.625 1.0 .80 1.625 1/4-20 5/8-11 MITEE-60200
Clamp Assembly, W/Out Plate MITEE-60203
*A: The distance needed between workpieces for clamp clearance, drill and tap mounting holes on the center of “A” dimension.
†F: The amount of machinable stock on jaws. **H: Mounting Screws included.