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Standard Duty Mono-Bloc Clamps

One of the fastest and strongest milling clamps available. Modular design: Start with two clamps and build up with risers. Easy set up and tear down, making them ideal for odd-shaped parts and short cycle times. Worm-and-gear design ensures that the clamp will not loosen with use. Up to 12” clamping height with riser blocks.

Kit includes high-impact plastic storage/ carrying case with room to store tools and T-nuts for other size mills.
Ideal for Bridgeport-Type Mills!
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Mono Bloc Start-up Kits
T-Slot Size Part Number
9/16” MITEE-25727
5/8” MITEE-25729
3/4” MITEE-25731
Description Part Number
2 Standard-Duty Mono-Blocs w/ 2-5/8" Arm (Includes T-wrench) MITEE-25705
2 Standard-Duty Riser Blocks MITEE-25710
1 Extension Arm MITEE-25540
1 Standard-Duty T-Wrench MITEE-25720
2 M-10x35mm Screws MITEE-25730
2 M-10x40mm Screws MITEE-25733
Regular Arm: Clamping Range 0-4”. 2400 lbs force
Extension Arm: Clamping Range 0-5 1/2”. 1300 lbs force