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Snap Jaws - Pre-Hardened Jaws

Machinable hardened jaws for longer life
  • 4140 Material
  • Thru Hardened
  • Ground Flat
  • Black oxide
  • Laser Marked
Use these pre-hardened jaws to make custom, long lasting fixtures for your CNC mill. Made from 4140 alloy steel hardened to HRC 28-32.
Ideal for long run, repeat work!
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6 Inch Series
“A” “B” Part Number
1-1/2 1.0 6MHJ-160
1-3/4 1.0 6MHJ-185
2.0 1.0 6MHJ-200
1-3/4 1-1/2 6MHJ-465
2.0 1-1/2 6MHJ-475