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Type CS Bushing (Short Series) - (Metric OD - Metric ID)

Toolholder Bushing Type “CS” Short Series
Introducing the “all new” CNC Type CS Bushing designed for universal use on all CNC Turning machines. The Bushings are hardened & precision ground concentric.

Type CS Bushings Also Available In: Click Here

  • Inch OD – Inch ID
  • Inch OD – Metric ID
  • Metric OD – Inch ID
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of Slot
Under Head
Part Number
20mm 1-1/8" 1-1/2" 6mm CNC 86-10CSM 6mm
8mm CNC 86-10CSM 8mm
10mm CNC 86-10CSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-10CSM 12mm
25mm 1-3/8" 1-3/4" 8mm CNC 86-11CSM 8mm
10mm CNC 86-11CSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-11CSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-11CSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-11CSM 20mm
32mm 1-3/4" 2-1/8" 10mm CNC 86-12CSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-12CSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-12CSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-12CSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-12CSM 25mm
40mm 2-1/8" 2-1/2" 10mm CNC 86-13CSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-13CSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-13CSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-13CSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-13CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-13CSM 32mm
45mm 2-5/8" 3" 12mm CNC 86-14CSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-14CSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-14CSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-14CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-14CSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-14CSM 40mm
50mm 3" 3-1/2" 12mm CNC 86-15CSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-15CSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-15CSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-15CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-15CSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-15CSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-15CSM 45mm
65mm 3-1/2" 4" 20mm CNC 86-16CSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-16CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-16CSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-16CSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-16CSM 45mm
50mm CNC 86-16CSM 50mm
80mm 4-1/8" 4-1/2" 25mm CNC 86-17CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-17CSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-17CSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-17CSM 45mm
50mm CNC 86-17CSM 50mm
60mm CNC 86-17CSM 60mm
65mm CNC 86-17CSM 65mm
90mm 4-3/4" 5-1/4" 25mm CNC 86-18CSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-18CSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-18CSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-18CSM 45mm
50mm CNC 86-18CSM 50mm
60mm CNC 86-18CSM 60mm
65mm CNC 86-18CSM 65mm